Peru’s Salvation Project drops a deep/tech house “Melt” mix.

If the “Melt” mix series was a futbol (ahem, soccer) team, Peru’s Salvation Project would be the star striker on the U-21 squad. At just 16-years-old, Salvation has graduated from a novice to being a seasoned DJ and producer. Since 2012, he has immersed himself in deep and tech house, culminating in his biggest track to date “Saxtone” with Moscow composer and saxophonist Syntheticsax. Currently, Salvation Project is part of the Project Media family, a unique school devoted to educating, developing and promoting the next generation of electronic music producers in Peru.
Full mix available on Mixcloud

Tracklisting (Full Mix):

[0:00] Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaner (Ghetto Mix)
[6:40] Plesurekraft & Format B – Coltrane (Belocca Remix)
[12:25] Mijail – Kicking Loud (Original Mix)
[18:35] Salvation Project – ID
[23:50] Steve Hope & Herr Vogel – Take That Body (Original Mix)
[29:28] Salvation Project – P.A.K (Original Mix)