Jacob Marley releases a super dope “Melt” mix, featuring one of his latest jams “88.” Marley is a multi-faceted artist, who’s just as adept making beats as he is illustrating his own characters (just check the cover illustration). An affiliate of Baltimore’s prominent art and music collective Llamadon, Jacob Marley has also collaborated with fellow Baltimore producer Boogie Madison for BlackB!rd, a soundtrack that explores the story of the fictional character Mara told through frenetic strings, chaotic synths and grimy drums.



Tokimonsta – “Breathe” On My Contacts
Lapalux – Don’t Mean A Thing
White Noise – My Game Of Loving
Bjork – It’s Not Up To You
Prince – Love 2 The 9’s
Outkast – She Lives In My Lap
James Brown – The Big Payback
Jacob Marley – 88
Blondie – Rapture