New Jersey’s truekey drops a “Melt” mix full of exclusives and new jams! Truekey takes you on a journey through juke, downtempo wave, disco, anime, and video game music that you have to hear to believe. Truekey writes:

“For this mix I wanted to combine my favorite influences from high school and college when I was in my early twenties, so there’s a grab bag of bootlegs from Icelandic bands like múm and Björk, to a Silent Hill soundtrack bootleg, to some stuff I played at parties in college a lot like wham!

“I also was really into Souls of Mischief and golden age hip hop in high school, so there’s a great EQ WHY rendition of “93 till infinity” in there.

“For my own stuff, there’s an exclusive new track with my friend Kit where we do a vocal duet that’ll come out officially early summer, as well as a new anime-juke track I wrote while I was in Savannah recently. I also bootlegged one of my favorite classics, “Midas Touch” by Midnight Starr. I think there’s a fun blend of disco, anime, juke, and video game music all over the place. I was kind of a nerd growing up.

“I also wanted to showcase some new friends of mine as well that have been collaborating with me recently, so there’s some tracks by fellow NJ producer Marsh Sound and MD’s juke wizard Whitetail.”

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Mum – Weeping Rock, Rock (truekey bootleg)
Bjork – It’s Not Up To You (truekey bootleg)
Silent Hill Main Theme (truekey bootleg)
truekey – what i want ft. kit langton (unreleased)
Wham! – Everything She Wants (truekey flip)
EQ Why – Chilling
Max Richter – Cathodes (truke juke’d)
Zedd – Clarity (Good Intent RMX)
DJ Mastercard – Savage (feat. DJ Paypal)
truekey – savannah cats (unreleased)
Lynch Kingsley – Lethal
Marsh Sound – Mega Potion
Midnight Star – Midas Touch (truke juke’d)
Whitetail – BOSSWORK