K. Nyerere Ture, also known simply as K’Ture, is both a scholar and a DJ. Hailing from Washington, D.C., he is an anthropologist by education, and an educator by trade, having taught at Morgan State University. The mastermind behind “The Salon of Soulful House,” he is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC. His exclusive “Melt” mix is perfect for late nights on the dancefloor or at the library!



1. Hospital Prelude of a Love Theme by Willie Hutch
2. Cosa Buena (Good Thing) by Louie Vega & Roberto Ruena
3. Blind Faith (loop) by Paso Doble
4. Have a Good Time by Urban Soul
5. Harmony by Sheila Ford
6. Work is Work by Tim Regisford
7. Don’t Touch Me (Vick Lavender Mix) by Jovonn ft. Chavel
8. Keep on Wondering by DJ Fudge
9. Philly Sensations by Micky Moore, Andy Tea
10. Posiedon by Elise
11. Higher by Joyful Family
12. Queen by Ndinga gaba queen
13. Lady in My Life by Tim Regisford & Michael J
14. Pulse by Rescue Poetix
15. I Put a Spell On You by Honeysweet, Cindy Mizelle
16. Watch Dem Come by Peven Everett