@ClassicalTrax’s DJ Rueckert put together an ode to music and artists from Baltimore, featuring Jacob Marley, Jumbled, Graffititech, Alienood, DJ Yae, DJ Dizzy, Al Rogers Jr. and Boogie Madison


Q&A with DJ Rueckert

Q: What was the process behind choosing the songs?

DJ RUECKERT: The process was pretty simple, I tried to choose some Baltimore Club tracks and tracks from a few baltimore artists I have been feeling. I tried to not make it too long like a lot of mixes.

Q: Give me a synopsis on the history of Classical Trax.

DJ RUECKERT: About a year and half ago, I was writing for a semi-popular music blog and was really discovering two things: people were interested in club music/regional dance music/grime/ kuduro/etc. I felt like a community that would bring about things in a honest and positive manner was missing from the world of the music.

Q: How has the missioned of Classical Trax changed since inception?

DJ RUECKERT: I can’t speak for other members of Classical Trax, but I would like to think the only thing that has changed for us at Classical Trax is more members and a bigger outreach. We are able to do more things.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Fader article from Adam Harper?

DJ RUECKERT: I will just say this: big ups to everyone that got mentioned, maybe he could have mentioned Baltimore/Jersey/Chicago and what not but it is what it is; we all need to get out more and enjoy the people, the music.

Q: What is your take on the scene in Baltimore, and elsewhere?

DJ RUECKERT: I like the scene in Baltimore. It is really growing, and there are so many artists blossoming, like Jacob Marley, Boogie Madison, Butch Dawson, Schwarz, James Nasty, Al Rogers, Elon, Graffitech, HI$TO, TT the A rtist, Gurl Crush, Chiffon, Jumbled and I could keep going on and on. The one thing I would like to see is more events not centered about EDM and hip-hop, but true events curated by people who care about the scene and not about money.

Q: What current events shape your musical tastes?

DJ RUECKERT: I try to watch a lot of documentaries to get a better understanding of things, especially if its from something I don’t really understand or have much knowledge about it. I also tend to use certain images/photographs when I make mixes and that helps as well.

Q: What is the future of Classical Trax?

DJ RUECKERT: Lots of stuff being planned out at the moment, including our first-ever sponsored party. I would eventually like to expand and [have] Classical Trax parties all over the world. We have some cool compilations coming out and a few surprises, but I am very excited about where we are headed

Q: Anything else you want to add?

DJ RUECKERT: I would like to thank my family and everyone for their continued support. We are trying to spread the producers and deejays we like and we hope to continue to gain friends/family and fans everyday. Thanks to the entire Classical Trax family.