Qué is a multi-faceted artist from Baltimore, primarily working in photographic, video production and graphic design. Not satisfied with working with just visual media, Qué has steadily working on more mixes, giving a listeners insight to what drives him. Listen below!



Melt Mix Vol. Too, Issue 5 Mixed By Qué by Electricllama on Mixcloud




1. Thom Yorke- The Mother Lode
2. Dizzee Rascal-Brand New Day
3. Rihanna- BBHMM (P.Morris Remix)
4. Jai Paul- Zion Wolf
5. D’Angelo- It Ain’t Easy
6. Willow smith -Female Energy
7. Taylor McFerrin-Florasia
8. the Internet-Special Affair
9. Tame Impala-Let It Happen
10. Can-I’m So Green
11. N.E.R.D- Run to the Sun
12. Danny Brown- Party all the Time
13. Tyler the Creator- Fucking Young