The latest Melt Mix comes from HippuHoppuOtaku, founder of hip-hop super collective NASA8. A veteran of Llamadon Collective’s Beet Trip and Play Pushers Meet series, HippuHoppuOtaku has played, and created, beats that range from boom-bap to drum-and-bass. Listen to the crew’s latest compilation here.



Melt Mix Vol. Too, Issue 6 Mixed by HippuHoppuOtaku (NASA8) by Electricllama on Mixcloud




Hipphoppuotaku – heelflipdarkside
Tommy wright iii – on da creep
Chief Keep – Dipset
Mfundishi – Ode to Tha Supervillain
Bito Sureiya – Now Tree Free
Sean price – Its Nothin
Hippuhoppuotaku – Flac Deflarko
JacobMarley X Hippuhoppuotaku – Now That’s What I Call Collab 2015
Fonlon – The Moment I realized…
Bito Sureiya – Citypearlnickbig (Slama Remix)