The “Melt” series comes to a close with a fitting mix by Baltimore’s Jumbled, who compiles his own “Best of” 2015! A slew of dope hip-hop joints, including some gems from some of Baltimore’s best!


Fonlon- Spanky
Butch Dawson – Carcass
Grand Invincible – Dog Van
Kente – Never Sleep
salk. – salk talk
Dylijens – Fuck all cops
Berko Lover – Sam Adams
ullnevano x [w]  – Blanka Prolems
Inner Scepter (Jack Wilson + Tom Phonic) – Untapped Zap
Bito Sureiya – Horns and shit
Stillborn Identity – Ceiling Fan Hustle
Trouble Knows Me (Madlib + Sam Herring) – From Trouble They Know Me
JonWayne – Minerals and Gems
Sean Price – #4NoReason
Butch Dawson & Elon – Love it