The latest installment of the Melt Mix comes from D.C.’s Big Screen Comeback, who is also working as an archaeologist and anthropologist. The blend just isn’t about dance music and escaping reality, BSC explains:

“This mix is about removing barriers, starting with a track from Janet’s The Velvet Rope, which dealt explicitly with the barriers set up by clubs (and with bigotry in many forms), and while cutting across genre barriers (quite a narrow sense of the term), it ends by imagining the terrain in the Mission in SF last month, where a 29-year-old man, after leading police on a car chase, was beaten ruthlessly by two sheriff’s deputies even after appearing to surrender, yet another instance (but not just an “instance” or a “statistic”) of police brutality. This man may lose the use of an arm. This occurred blocks away from a music venue I used to go to, a place where you’re likely to hear some of the tracks in this mix. The ending of the mix is simply to say that no place of “escape” (like a music venue to some people) is immune from harsh realities (even recognizing the fact that one way of understanding this specific event is through surveillance, which carries its own moral baggage).”

Stream below!



Janet – I Get Lonely (Virgin)

Balam Acab – See Birds (Moon) (Tri Angle)

Aphix – Sin King (Keysound)

Cooly G – Love Dub Refix (Hyperdub)

Ikonika – Position (Hyperdub)

Actress – Paint, Straw, Bubbles [Zomby Remix] (Honest Jon’s)

Mumdance & Logos – Turrican 2 (Keysound)

Jam City – Barely A Trak (Night Slugs)

Mr. Reds & Kalibre – Bring The Lights Down (Ice Cold)

Blaqstarr – Check Me Out Like (Mad Decent)

DJ Rod Lee & DJ Technics – Hey Muthas (Baltimore Breakbeat)

Tsunga – Maris Piper (Black Acre)

Benton – Bbs Madness (Benton Beats)

Chazz – A Mover La Colita [Armand’s Tuff American Mix] (Arista)

Hysterics – Pleasuredome (Night Slugs)

DJ Funk – “F_ _ _k” Ya! (Dance Mania)

Blacksea Não Maya – Afro (Warp)

Helix – Damnson (Night Slugs)

Gang Gang Dance f/ Tinchy Stryder – Amorphous History (Closing Seen) (Latitudes)

Air Max ’97 – Progress And Memory [Neana Remix] (Liminal Sounds)

Nguzunguzu – Harp Bell (Fade to Mind)

Wen – Swingin (Badimup)

Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (So So Def)

Rabit – Hex (Tri Angle)

Fatima Al Qadiri – Oil Well (Fade to Mind)

Pearson Sound – Starburst (Hessle Audio) / Audio from Surveillance Video of Beating of Stanislav Petrov in SF, CA by Alameda County Police, Nov. 12, 2015 / Moiré – False (Werk Discs) / DJ Sneak – Groove Patrol (Defiant)