Mild Sobriety’s Android No. 23 flipped heartache into a five-track EP entitled “Another Cold Winter.” Android left the entirety of the production duties with Michael Taylor, who provides the menacing backdrop to the project inspired by a friend’s death due to drug abuse. Android doesn’t shy away from rapping about the tragedy, his bleak surroundings and his own personal struggles, but in the end, hope emerges from the catharsis. Stream the project and read the interview below for more insight into “Another Cold Winter.”



Q: Did the reflection on the passing of your friend change the way you approach other relationships in your life and your creative process? 

ANDROID NO. 23: Reflecting on the passing of my friend changed my interactions with other friends because we all appreciated each other a lot more. Some of these people I hadn’t seen in years so it was sad for us to be reunited to mourn the loss of a good person. The dark emotion stemming from that really set the vibe for the EP. I’ve always disliked how darkness has a negative connotation because darkness is necessary to create balance. I carry these sentiments into every session & I try not to be afraid to let the black thoughts flow. It’s natural.

“I’ve always disliked how darkness has a negative connotation because darkness is necessary to create balance.”

Do you think music is your principle coping mechanism or method of expression? 
Music has long been a coping method for me, and is a way to show off my competence musically, and in general. I started Mild Sobriety after a falling out with a close friend. Music became my way of communicating thoughts and feelings because I figured I’d turn the negative emotion into something productive. Now it’s become habit to express myself musically, whether I’m happy or sad.

How did you collaborate with Sanjeev on the art for the project?
Collaborating with Sanjeev on the art was a smooth process. He hit me with some ideas that I ran with to get the final product. The fire and foliage pay homage to a biblical story where God ordained Moses as The Chosen One. There was a burning bush which was not consumed by the fire and the symbolism behind that is a bend but-but-don’t break mentality. With the way many current events have panned out, it’s important to have this mentality of resilience. Nobody is safe from the curses of the earth and on occasion, it takes a tragic event to remember that.