Noah Majinnasola, who goes by El Plaga on stage, steps away from duties as designer of DAFT! Clothing with “Plague RI8T,” the follow-up to last December’s “Only Built For Ivory Tusks” EP. Known for his eccentric styling and custom pieces, Noah is comparatively new to performing. Marking his second year as a rapper, and second project in that time, he has refined his sound, managing to capture the energy of his performances. The biblical-inspired project is nine songs deep, without features, featuring heavy production by the relatively unknown MorsBeats and WinkOnTheBeat. Read below for a bit more from El Plaga on the meaning of the project and his outlook on music, fashion and beyond.
Q: What’s the concept behind “Plague RI8T”?
NOAH: [It’s] inspired by my name being Noah and [the] religious story of the flood Genesis. My name is also El Plaga meaning the plague. I was interested in the plague riot of 1629-31 in Italy because it’s now going on my second year in the game and I’m trynna take over by storm. The plague killed 50,000 to 100,000 in 2 years, but with me, I want to spread positivity by that amount by the end of my second year. I’ve been busy so, [and] I’m bringing all different waves of great music.

What did you want to do differently this time around?
This time, I was really focused. I’ve been in the studio ever since – day-in, day out – recording who knows how many songs. I’ve really started to focus on my niches, because I can do so many things now, from flows to recognizing better sounds and timing. I want to always keep getting better.
How involved are the rest of DAFT in the project?
Mane that’s the whole team right there, and they’re heavily involved on the mental side of my music career heavily. They’re the ones who keep my mind on the swivel; they’re the ones who keep it real. And by doing that, that’s when I give the output of the music that i do, which is some really great different sounds.

“Being African, I tie a lot together. I love everything I do, I love who I am”

In your view how integrated are music and fashion? How do you try to set yourself apart doing both?
It’s so crazy how I owned my own clothing company before making music, but you know a lot of artists do music then want their own clothes and go through a bunch of people and designs. Having my own style and line already brings out a sauce that people never had or saw before, so with adding my music i developed an uncanny and incomparable persona of rock and rap. Being African, I tie a lot together. I love everything I do, I love who I am. I never changed, [I’m] just meeting new faces.

Since the interview we did last year, what’s changed? Is your vision the same/different?
Not at all, my vision has only enhanced by far since then, after speaking so much into existence, i just know what I’m doing is going to be major, many people are already watching, and want to see me succeed. Really, I want everyone to succeed because my giving back is for the future generation, primarily my son.This is not part time, I’m striving to affect as many people my music can, and as many people my clothes can reach.
El Plaga’s manager is DAFT!’s Ben Danklin, so for all features and bookings, hit him on Twitter @DAFTCLOTHING or @SOURxDAFT.