Garnish Episode 4: Afro Ritmo Records: ‘Ritmos Raros’ Brings Rare Vinyl to Packed Dance Floors in D.C.

Episode 4 of Garnish highlights Sir-Ramases Kofi, the man behind the D.C.-based label Afro Ritmos Records and the “Vintage Vinyl, Ritmos Raros” party. This time at Zeba Bar, the DJ duo of Charles Lawrence and Claudia Zevallos (known as León City Sounds), SOM Records owner Neal Becton and Sonido Chichadelico, joined Ramases for another night of rare grooves, where party-goers can hear cumbia from Peru, coladeira from Cabo Verde, and salsa from Cuba.

All the members of Afro Ritmo (there are 13 total), as well as collaborators and DJs, are vinyl-collectors who scour the globe for the best, unheard grooves. For Ramases, the Ritmos Raros parties are designed not only to get hips moving, but to honor “the pioneers of African, Latin, Indian, Caribbean, and Brazilian music.”


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