Llamadon is a family of artists based out of Baltimore, MD. Since 2013, the crew has served as a platform for independent artists in and around the city, with a focus on MCs, producers, and experimental artists that may otherwise be on the fringe of mainstream radio and media coverage. Llamadon has consistently put on a number of shows, including Beet Trip (a producer showcase with an open mic), Sweg (a showcase for the best rappers in the area), countless fundraisers, as well as regional and national tours.

Most recently members of Llamadon participated in the Light City Neighborhood Lights arts event, by providing an interactive visual and audio set-up open to the public. Llamadon is currently fundraising for a nationwide tour featuring members Joy Postell, :3lON, Butch Dawson, Freaky, Dylijens & Urban Shaman. You can find more information about the tour and donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/llamadon-2016-u-s-takeover-tour#/


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