Watch Garnish Episode 6: Classical Trax Brings URL to IRL with Guestlist

Classical Trax is an online community of DJs, producers, writers and curators with a focus on electronic bass music. Founded by Matt Lutz, the invite-only group has grown to over 800 people from all over the world. Every day, artists exchange dubs and original songs, early album previews, mixes, articles and critique. (Early last summer, Matt invited me to the group after we connected via Soundcloud.)

In March of this year, Matt teamed up with The Borrowers, a DJ duo comprised of Marvin Lopez (The Clown Prince) and Paige Plissner (The Lothario), as well as Panch (co-founder of LENG) to start Guestlist, a monthly party to feature guest DJs from all over the East Coast, at 9:30 Club’s Backbar. The most recent Guestlist featured headliner BassBear from New York, who often teams up with El Blanco Nino as Osoblanco. The next Guestlist is titled “Locals Only” and will feature College Hill, Kouhai, Duolo and Benbo.




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