The “Summer in Lisbon” mix is the follow-up to my entry in the Classical Trax “Bailewave” takeover for Thump Brazil. This is an ode to kuduro and batida, a style of music that I love and a movement of artistry that greatly inspired me as a DJ. In the center of the cover is a raven, which is found on the crest of Lisbon, and is the mascot for the Baltimore Ravens football team. Baltimore is where I continue to mature as a DJ, and a city where I’ve been fortunate enough to play kuduro to a very eclectic and welcoming audience. The drummers in the clouds represent the african rhythms which are frenetically manipulated for to create the foundation for batida music. Finally, the surfer represents me, riding the waves of the rhythms.


Tracklist coming soon. In the meantime, just vibe!