Parallel Diamonds is a collective of creatives from just about every medium that boasts close to 30 members. Founded by Yang.N.Yin. – a trio which combines trap, punk rock and spoken word – Parallel Diamonds includes photographers, models, clothing designers, singers, songwriters, DJs, producers, and event curators. Most of the members are spread out in Maryland, and keep in touch with meetings to coordinate projects, moves and events, as well as through group chats to share new material and support each other. 

Most recently, the collective put on the Red Room at Union Arts, which featured performances by Soddie Casino, mūdī, Yang.N.Yin., and DJ sets by Knoimnot and Franklin of Last Niight (a separate collective which joined PD last year), as well as BVST and Mikado the Demi God. Each member that I interviewed stressed the importance of PD, for the support system and brotherhood that they often don’t get anywhere else. Whether through mosh pits or nature walks, Parallel Diamonds find inspiration and use any number of media to connect with each other and the rest of the world. 

Garnish Episode 7: Parallel Diamonds Rage in the Red Room from Antonio Hernandez on Vimeo.

This episode features just a few of the members of Parallel Diamonds. Follow the group’s Twitter @_PDSZN to stay up on their new projects and media.

Artists interviewed: Yang, Yin, Franklin, Xanielle, Inti, mūdī, Neiko Gianni, Soddie Casino, Introspective Sky, Knoimnot, Kyle-Van

Also featured: DJ BVST, Mikado the Demi God


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