DAIS is a D.C.-based electro-pop band who uses their platform to maintain self-spaces and encourage freedom of expression. Vocalist Adriana-Lucia Cotes and keyboardist/composer Johnny Fantastic comprise the duo which have brought their unique and exploratory lie show to D.C. and Baltimore in venues and art spaces such as DC9, Union Arts and The Holy Underground. The band tackles tough themes over bright melodies and kick-ass drums: identity, romance, politics and and living as historically targeted minorities (Adriana identifies as an Afro-Latina queer woman, and Johnny as a transgender person).

I caught up with Adriana and Johnny at Marx Cafe for a show sponsored by D.C. label Blight Records. DAIS discusses how they bring their unique talents together, safe spaces, and why it’s important to make music that comes from their own experiences. You can stream and download their song “Individual” here.


Garnish Episode 9: DAIS – ‘Protest Pop’ for Radical Dance Floors from Antonio Hernandez on Vimeo.


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