This weekend’s #FridayFive playlist features songs by Blacksage, Jimboy, DJ Pierre, Mike of Doom (featuring Sugg Savage) and Rickie Jacobs:



  1. Blacksage, the duo of Josephine Olivia and Drew Scott, followed-up their acclaimed Basement Vows album, with Shivers, which delivers nine more tracks of songs that are even more dark and daunting, but still danceable. 
  2. Maryland’s Jimboy, one-half of Off Bucks films with fellow lyricist Rezt, has made only four songs available on his Soundcloud in the past 8 months, but each syrupy anthem is fit for a coffee shop or crank session. 
  3. Belgian duo remixes DJ Pierre’s “Uhh Break,” subbing out the quintessential Baltimore breaks for a stadium-ready horn and drum section.
  4. 3-0 Whop’s Mike of Doom and Sugg Savage unite for “Space Channel,” combining the best of both worlds: Sugg Savage’s forward-feeling nostalgic singing with Mike of Doom’s understated storytelling ability.
  5. Over the past year, Rickie Jacobs has released a number of loose tracks and freestyles, including the “Zone 15 freestyle” where he glides over an ominous banger produced by Greenville’s whatcumean.