Thank you all who submitted films/videos for, attended and spread the word about “Garnish” Pop-Up Film Festival Vol. 01! Despite the madness of the night, it was a great success, with many filmmakers and artists in the community coming to show love.


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Below, you will find the links to the pieces shown (that are released). Special thanks to Songbyrd for hosting me and be on the lookout for the next Garnish Pop-Up Film Festival in April, and the first Garnish Pop-Up Gallery in March.

  1. Dewey Ortiz – “The Runaways” (2016) [Feature Trailer]
  2. Ray Jones – “Chained Down” (2016) [Narrative Short]
  3. JIMBOY – “Get Her Back” (2016) [Music Video]
  4. Isabelle Mills – “Tak Se Z Leza Ozyva (The Way it Echoes Back)” (2016) [Narrative Short, Unreleased]
  5. Odd Mojo – “Mass Appeal Freestyle” (2017) [Music Video]
  6. Katie Sheridan – “Unknown” (2017) [Documentary Short]
  7. David Reische – “This is the Copycat” (2016) [Documentary Short]
  8. DMVPoet ft. Davonne D’Neil – “Cold Sheets” (2016) [Music Video]
  9. Nabil Ab. – “Women’s March” (2017) [Documentary Short]
  10. Stereo Champions – “Stereo Champions Presents: Bond St. District; Before The Fame” (2014) [Documentary Short]
  11. Matthew Lutz & James Colburn – “Classical Trax & L.E.N.G Present, Her Records Takeover” (2015) [Show Recap]
  12. Michael Andrade – “In My Eyes” [Unreleased] (Trailer]
  13. Rezt – “Ghost” (Dir. OFFBUCKSFILMS) [2017]  (Music Video)
  14. Malaika Aminata Clements – “Not About A Riot” [Unreleased] (Documentary Trailer)
  15. TT The Artist – “Fly Girl” [2015] (Music Video)
  16. Mousai House – “The Problems Facing Creatives” (2017) [Campaign Pitch)
  17. Antonio Hernandez – “Garnish Ep. 13: Portals” [2017] (Documentary Trailer]