Late last month, Qué Pequeño, aka Station North Sadboi and @BmoreAlien, curated his first show at Cleveland Park’s Uptown Art House. The lineup featured performances by Laurel, MD’s Fonlon, along with his NASA8 crew, fellow Baltimore DJ/producer Alienood420, multi-instrumentalist Infinity Knives, and Pittsburg’s babyt33th. D.C.’s Martyheemcherry was also slated to perform, but the show was terminated early due to multiple noise complaints by neighbors in the upper Northwest enclave. Before the music was lowered, Montgomery County-based lyricist Sir Hiero joined the NASA8 for an impromptu cypher.

Jamal Gray, director of the Uptown Art House, commented that noise complaints happen “all the time.” While spaces for artists of color to perform and show their work continue to diminish, the Uptown Art House has emerged as a unique hub for both creators and audiences to break bread and brush shoulders. Follow Uptown Art House on Instagram.