Baltimore’s dreamy electronic-RnB-club duo Chiffon (Amy Reid and Chase O’Hara) and award-winning DJ Trillnatured joined D.C.’s Dreamcast and Raygunomics (an offshoot of Nag Champa) for  an early show on a blustery night at Songbyrd Music House.

The show felt more like a kickback than a concert. Between songs, Dreamcast gave insight to how everyday situations, including dealing with family during the holidays, influenced his songwriting process. Chiffon kept the energy high with their dancefloor-breaking tunes, along with Chase’s impromptu jokes about being “signed to Warner Brothers,” and his day job as a lumberjack. Jamal Gray, founder of Raygunomics as well as the Uptown Art House, orchestrated the band’s controlled fury that he introduced as a “demonstration, not a performance.” Trillnatured kept the energy going throughout the night with selections of trap, house, soul and other selections from her extensive digital crates. 

Check the photos from the night below: