Combo Chimbita and  La Colombopercutiva present unqiue takes ON CUMBIA AND ROCK WITH COLOMBIAN ROOTS

New York’s Combo Chimbita brought their tropical-futuristic fusion of cumbia, rock, and electronic music to Tropicalia on the second day of their tour which criss-crosses the U.S. through April. Lead vocalist Carolina Oliveros commanded the room with both her dynamic voice and feverish playing of the guacharaca, a percussion instrument created by indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.

D.C.-based band La Colombopercutiva preceded Combo Chimbita with almost an hour of Colombian-based cumbia. Every member of the six member outfit shined during the groups’ performance: lead singer and percussionist Andrés García; bass player Isaias Guerrero on bass; saxophonist Gabriel Lora; guitarist Paco Galarza; and percussionists Xavier Buret. See the photos below: