Electronic duo La Roche, comprised of singer-songwriter Rochelle Sacks and producer Sarp Erdikbas, filled Songbyrd’s basement with 808’s, bubbles and upbeat synth-fueled jams that incorporate elements from rock, blues and hip-hop.

Before being joined by Sarp, La Roche was the alter-ego of Sackswho wrote and produced their album “THAUM,” (Bandcamp link), which featured co-production by CrushnPain. The album title refers to “thaum,” the base unit of magic energy and is a clipping of “thaumaturgy,” the work of magic-wielders found in many cultures around the world. Like the atom in the physical world, the thaum is the foundation for the magic within. For La Roche, cultivating that energy is the key to connecting with audiences far and wide. Connect with La Roche on Instagram and their official website.